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Jump Ropes from T Shirts: This is a great idea for mission trips to encourage a healthy lifestyle for children and adults. The more colorful the better!

What You'll Need: 
Old t-shirts 3-5 – the larger is best. Wash and dry before using.
Good strong scissors- find Fiskars Titanium Shop Shears- they work great for this project!
Quilt roll cutter


1. On flat surface, lay out t-shirt and smooth out the wrinkles
2. Fold shirt in half sleeve to sleeve
3. Cut off bottom hem.
4. Cut loops approximately 1- 1 1/2 “ in size from shirt by starting at folded end and cutting across to the open end of the shirt.
repeat with other shirt.
5. Stretch out loops running your hand along entire length of loop while pulling


To create jump rope:
1. Tie three strips together, place your knot about 3-4 inches down. This becomes the handle.
2. Braid your strips together
3. When you get to the end of the strip loop another one to the bottom and continue braiding.

4. Repeat until jumprope is desired length (7 feet is ideal for most children)
5. Tie a knot at the end leaving 3-4 inches for a handle.
6. Cut open loops at the end of the knots to create fringe.


Pads for School Girls: In many developing countries, menstrual pads for girls and women are a luxury, not an item they automatically receive. This project outlines how to create reusable pads that can be sent overseas for use by girls and women in need of this necessity. Use this information to learn how to participate in this ministry project. For more information about the ministry behind this project, visit littledressesforafrica.org.

Waterproof Mats for the Homeless: Many inter cities in the USA have a large population of homeless.  Waterproof mats can be made as group projects out of plastic shopping bags.

Medicine Bags for Mobile Clinics in Thailand: Cloth medicine bags have been very useful in the ministry of Doug & Cheryl Derbyshire.